Simplicity for everyone

Autopay reduces the workload of parking management companies, landowners, tenants, and end-users through digitization. The solution is flexible, allowing it to solve parking challenges across different segments.

Our features

We obviously do all the standard boring things parking has done for ages. Here are a few examples of what additional things we offer.

Fleet parking management

Autopay handles fleet parking, letting customers optimize the use of permits. One permit can be tied to several vehicles, yet only the first vehicle to enter makes use of the permit.

Loyalty programs integration

Reward loyal customers by integrating your existing loyalty program with autopay through standardized APIs.

Digital permit management

All permits are handled online, meaning an end to physical distribution of key cards and other tokens.

Whitelisting vehicles

Give access to maintenance and other vehicles without having to update permits.

Automated alerts

Autopay monitors all aspects of the system and the system produces automated alerts to pre-empt any errors.

Send SMS to customers

Communicate directly with customers through SMS at entry or exit.

Parking validation

Distribute tablets to enable tenants to validate parking for customers. The system bills tenants accordingly.

Booking Application

Use the existing booking interface to manage bookings or integrate with standardized APIs to use an external booking engine

Entry and exit screens

Screens at entry and exit communicate with customers to let them know they have been registered or that they have valid parking permits.


Autopay Analytics

Create a data-driven culture with analytics for all

With our user-friendly and interactive dashboard you can tell stories with real-time data. We help you find actionable insights quickly and easily.
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Payment options

With Autopay it is impossible to get a fine. However, you still have to pay for your parking. At least you have a range of payment options to choose from.

Pay automatically

By creating an online profile with a valid credit card you can drive in and out seamlessly. The card is automatically debited the correct amount and receipts are available online.

Pay by invoice

If none of the other payment options are used the system will generate an invoice file based on license plate lookup and an invoice will be sent out.

Pay at the payment machine

You can pay at the payment machine to settle your parking session. The payment machine also allows for easy online profile creation for future automatic payments.

Pay online within 48 hours

Online payment is available up to 48 hours after a finished parking session. Simply visit and enter the license plate number to settle the payment.


Want to improve your 

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Our segments

Autopay provides frictionless parking experiences to a wide range of garage segments, designed to support your core business with data insights and value-added services.


Shopping malls

Shopping malls are all about creating a positive customer experience and reducing any friction that may prevent the customer from visiting. Autopay minimizes customer interaction with the system shifting the focus away from the negative connotations of parking over to the shopping experience.


Airport parking facilities have uniquely different challenges from regular parking: Roll-up customers versus booking, price product implementation, large and diverse staff permit handling, regulating kiss and fly zones, and much more. By digitizing all parkings and integrating Autopay Dynamic Pricing Engine, airports can reduce parking management costs while optimizing revenue based on newfound data insights.



Providing guests with service and comfort are central tenets of hospitality, and parking is no exception. Autopay supports pre-booking through any booking application and even has a built-in booking interface to be used by receptionists. Customers drive in and out of the facility and pay for parking on their hotel bill.


Corporate offices need to manage staff and visitors while keeping offenders away. By digitizing the entire customer journey, Autopay removes manual processes associated with parking permits. There are no key-cards or temporary notes on windshields. Distribute permits via e-mail, and grant visitors free parking through parking validation at the front desk, or a strategically placed tablet.


Parking garages

Like any other real estate venture, car parks want to maximize profit. When replacing traditional barrier systems, Autopay delivers higher revenues and happier customers. Furthermore, the digital aspects of Autopay lower the cost of managing tenants.


Seamless API integration

Autopay offers Application Programming Interface (API) integration to communicate and connect with third party systems, allowing a flexible interactive system that can be utilized for a variety of purposes.