Demand for touchless parking driving digital growth

Touchless parking has come into focus after the pandemic hit last year. To offer true touchless parking means absolutely no need for the customer to interact with the parking system at all. This trend is accelerating adoption of digital parking solutions.

Avoiding physically touching surfaces has been on everyone's mind after the pandemic entered our lives. Studies show that new strains of the virus can live up to 5 days on many surfaces*. Vigilant washing and disinfecting alone will not serve to avoid contamination at busy locations.

Are payment machines a thing of the past?

The only solution is to avoid all unnecessary physical interaction. In parking this means no paper tickets, no payment machines and no cash handling. Which only leaves digital payments managed on a personal device.

Covered Autopay kiosk directing users to digital payments

As a result we are seeing an even higher demand for digital payment solutions and systems that offer zero-touchpoints.

Our vision has long been to make a system so frictionless that the users doesn't actually need to interact with it at all. That is why everything is built around a one time registration, ease of use, automation and a comprehensive online interfaces. This all results in a system that is built to be touchless.

Touchless payment options in the Autopay suite include:

Automated online payment through a pre-registered payment card. As a registered customer you never have to worry about cash, credit cards, even checks anymore. Autopay automatically charges on exit

Post payment online. Even without a profile you can go online and pay within 48 hours. Simply go to, enter your license plate and the system will display your unpaid parking sessions for payment.

Third party apps are also supported. Simply look for signage in the garage of what app is supported and activate the parking in your app.

All these payment options are truly touchless and should help minimize the number of surfaces any user has to interact with.

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*Journal of Hospital Infection: "Persistence of coronaviruses on inanimate surfaces and their inactivation with biocidal agents."

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