Sandnes Municipality in Norway opens two new Autopay locations

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Autopay is happy to welcome Sandnes Parkerinsdrift AS as a new Autopay Operator. Sandnes Parkeringsdrift AS operates parking for the Norwegian Municipality Sandnes.

Located in Western Norway, Sandnes is a city experiencing rapid development. With over 75 000 inhabitants, Sandnes is Norways 7th largest city.

Autopay is opening in two garages in Sandnes, with more to come.

Bystasjonen parkeringshus

Located in the middle of the downtown area, Bystasjonen has 471 parking spots, 345 for short term parking and 126 for tenants.

Nygaardshagen parkeringshus

A modern parking facility with 136 parking spots over two floors.

We are happy to welcome Sandes Parkeringsdrift as an Autopay operator. Also happy to welcome new Autopay users from Sandnes to enjoy a seamless parking experience.

Autopay delivers a customer friendly way to park for the inhabitants in Sandnes.  The days of barriers, queues, tickets and fines are gone, replaced by a seamless customer friendly parking solution.  Autopay's industry-leading proprietary ANPR technology makes parking easier, both for customers and landlords.  Customer are debited automatically from their registered Autopay profile and landlords manage everything digitally and simply sit back and let the system do the work.  

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