Radisson Blu Airport Hotel Gardermoen goes live with Autopay

With walking distance from the Airport terminal, the Radisson Blu Airport Hotel is an ideal spot for conferences, overnight stays in connection with flights and also parking.

The hotel has recently expanded its parking to over 200 spots and now offers free-flow frictionless parking with Autopay.

As an Airport Hotel Radisson Gardermoen hosts a lot of conferences. Conference guests tend to leave all at the same time, and congestion was an issue with the barrier system. Autopay solves this with its free flow solution. Furthermore, validating parking has never been easier for the hotel as they use the Autopay Tap n' Park solution.

Autopay delivers a customer friendly way to park.  The days of barriers, queues, tickets and fines are gone, replaced by a seamless customer friendly parking solution.  Autopay's industry-leading proprietary ANPR technology makes parking easier, both for customers and landlords.  Customer are debited automatically from their registered Autopay profile and landlords manage everything digitally and simply sit back and let the system do the work.  

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