Enjoy golf and Autopay at Miklagard hotel

Between Oslo and Gardermoen you will find Miklagard Hotel, Kløfta. Located next to one of Scandinavia's finest golf courses.

Miklagard Hotell is located just off highweay E6 just south of Oslo Airport Gardermoen. The nearest neighbor is one of Norway's and even Scandinavia's finest golf courses.

This is a unique hotel with a wide range of experiences, located just a short distance from the capital and the main airport. Whether it is a conference, golf trip or romantic spa getaway you are looking for, you will find it at Miklagard.

Autopay operator ONEPARK has entered into an agreement to operate the car park at Miklagard Hotell with Autopay. The agreement has been entered into with Haut Nordic Hospitality Group.

Autopay delivers a customer friendly way to park at Miklagard Hotel.  The days of barriers, queues, tickets and fines are gone, replaced by a seamless customer friendly parking solution. 

Autopay's industry-leading proprietary ANPR technology makes parking easier, both for customers and landlords.  Customer are debited automatically from their registered Autopay profile and landlords manage everything digitally and simply sit back and let the system do the work.  

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