Autopay in central Münich

Updated: Apr 6

Autopay brings customer friendly free-flow parking to the Marienplatz parking garage. Located right next to Marienplatz, the garage is ideal for a visit to Munich's

Munich’s Pasing district with the Marienplatz plaza has a long historical background and has became a flourishing city center after large investments in urban developments. The area is a hot spot for local urbanites with restaurants, boutique shops, a shopping mall, grocery stores, hotels, and a large cultural center hosting galleries and concert scenes.

Autopay delivers a technology forward and customer friendly way to park that gives customers a stress free visit to the Pasing city center. The days of barriers, queues and tickets are gone, replaced by a seamless customer friendly parking solution. Customers are free to roam the surrounding area and pay the parking on exit with one of the many payment methods available through Autopay.

Autopay is a free-flow ANPR system utilizing industry-leading proprietary ANPR technology that makes parking easier, both for customers and landlords.  Customer are debited automatically with a registered Autopay profile and landlords manage everything digitally and simply sit back and let the system do the work.  

This project is set up in cooperation with our German Partner: Autopay Deutschland.

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