Make better decisions

Create a data-driven culture with analytics for all

With our user-friendly and interactive dashboard you can tell stories with real-time data. These stories can persuade, provide insights, validate decisions, or argue for a change of course. Autopay Analytics helps you find actionable insights quickly and easily.

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3 years historical data

Measure year-over-year performance with our cloud-based data store

Real-time analytics

Get real-time and super fast insights with our pre-aggregated dashboards

Export your data

Export data to Excel for even deeper analysis

Quick overview or deep dive

Keep your bird's eye view on key performance indicators, or deep dive into your data using a wide range of filter options.

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Know your customers

Understand customer behavior and target your audience with our detailed vehicle heat map.


Autopay Statistics

Our cloud-based data storage lets you seamlessly connect to your data in no time. Have a look at our live Autopay fleet data.

Year to date

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