Smarter Parking Management

Vehicle identification, revenue optimization, analytics, and parking management, all in one easy-to-use solution.  
No fines, no queues, no barriers. We call it Autopay. We digitize everything and connect Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) with our own layer of AI to help optimize growth, customer engagement and revenue.

How it works

License plate recognition

Industry leading technology, using front and back cameras to maximize read rate. Our super fast and accurate cloud solution supports all types of license plates.

Automatic payments

As a registered customer you never have to worry about cash, credit cards, even checks anymore. Autopay automatically charge on exit.

Online management

Use real-time analytics to understand your customers and track your business performance. Optimize your revenue with our demand-based pricing module.

Seamless exit

Our customer-centric solution has removed congestion, fines, tickets and stress. Users simply drive out and we protect your car park revenue.

Return on investment

Improve your car park revenues by joining our digitization revolution. Ticketless, barrierless, cashless. Just happy returning customers.


Our network

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